Introducing Parabon Affinity — a new type of DNA test for relationships that gives definitive results. Every time. No excuses.

Traditional DNA tests haven't changed in decades. They're fine for confirming close relationships, but are sometimes inconclusive for siblings and even less reliable for more distant relationships.

What Affinity Is

The Affinity Relationship Test from Parabon is a brand new, more accurate and more reliable type of DNA test for comparing one or more samples with each other.

Using sophisticated computer algorithms and modern genomic scanning equipment that extracts vastly more information from each DNA sample than traditional tests, Affinity determines relationships conclusively and at much greater distance than traditional DNA tests — out to second cousins and beyond.

For example, whereas a typical DNA sibling test comes with disclaimers about the 10–20% likelihood of inconclusive results for siblings, Affinity can make such determinations perfectly, 100% of the time.

Parabon Affinity Test Kit

What Affinity Isn't

Affinity is a test kit that is used to perform highly accurate, one-to-one kinship testing between individuals; it is not a general-purpose genealogy research service.

How Affinity Works

Affinity is the ideal test to help confirm a suspected relationship or reconstruct a family tree because exact hypotheses of relationships are not required: Affinity can predict the most likely relationship for any given pair of subjects.

  Other DNA Tests Affinity
Sibling ?
Half-Sibling ?
Grandparent ?
Aunt/Uncle ?
First Cousins
Second Cousins
Probability of Relatedness
? Sometimes Inconclusive Definitive

What Else Can Affinity Do?

The Affinity Legal version of the test has additional chain-of-custody protocols, so test results can be used for heirship challenges or estate settlement. Parabon can also arrange for extraction of DNA from the personal effects of deceased individuals for use in Affinity Legal testing.

The Affinity Ancestry Test can determine what percentage of a person's DNA comes from each region of the world. Specific ancestry questions (e.g., does this person have any Native American genetic ancestry) can be tested with statistical rigor. Chain-of-custody is available for Affinity Ancestry testing as well.

If you have questions about kinship or ancestry that can be answered with DNA and you want conclusive answers, look no further than Affinity from Parabon. Affinity is definitive.

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